I'm currently a PhD student at MAP5 - Université Paris Descartes.
My advisors are Servane Gey (MAP5), Pierre Latouche (MAP5), Benjamin Guedj (INRIA - MODAL) , and Jean-François Toussaint(IRMES).

I studied maths at University of La Rochelle where I obtained my bachelor degree and at University of Rennes 1 for my master degree.
I've always been passionate about sport and thus decided to work on this field, by writing a PhD project about application of statistical methods on sport. I played rugby for 10 years, table tennis for 11 years, and recently started playing American football.


My current research focus on statistical learning methods applied to sport. I work with functional data on which I try to perform clustering and make predictions.
The main purpose of these methods is to help sport federations to deal with the detection of their young athletes, by analyzing their performance progression curves.
Besides, I work on several other research projects in the sports field with my co-workers of IRMES. I deal with mathematical and algorithmic issues of the studies.


I'm currently teaching probability tutorials at IUT STID Paris Descartes.

Master SEPHN Paris Descartes

• Research projet creation
• Statistical tools and data analysis : doc



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